Frequently Asked Questions

No- we are your insurance agent, not your insurance company.  We partner with top-rated insurance companies, shop the marketplace and secure you coverage with one of those carriers.  If you need service on your policy, or if you need to submit a claim, you will most likely end up working directly with your insurance carrier.  We are happy to help get you to the right place and facilitate those conversations!  You can always call us first!  We love hearing from you.  When we are not the best people to talk to for your specific issue, we will be happy to hand deliver you to the right place.  Generally, your carrier will assist you with transactions like adding a car, removing a car or making a payment. Talk to us for consultations on rate or advice on potential claims.

We live here, we work here, and we understand this marketplace and its nuances.  We take the time to advise you on the coverages you need, and we can help you compare those coverages across different carriers and packages.  If you call a carrier directly, they will only be able to discuss their own offerings and they will not be familiar with the community you live in.   Even after you secure coverage, you’ll still want to contact us first!  Especially if you need advice on policy changes or consultation on a possible claim.  We are here for you.

We take this one very seriously.  We seek out carriers that we can build strong lasting relationships with, and carriers that share our same values.  We make sure that all our partners are focused on trying to make lives easier.  All of our carrier partners are top-rated in customer service and claims.  We vet our portfolio constantly, and continually re-evaluate to make sure that everyone is moving in the right direction.

We get this question all the time!  At no point do you pay us for our services.  We work to find the right carrier for you.  After we place your coverage, the insurance carrier compensates us for marketing their products.  We take this one step further- we do not provide our sales team with any added incentives to place you with one carrier over another- this ensures that you are always presented with the best deals we can find.

Apples to apples!  We use this phrase constantly.  We like to see other quotes or current policies so that we can build a quote to identically match your current coverages.  This way, we can truly compare products and pricing.  Think about this- if you are shopping for a car and get quotes from 4 different dealers, you won’t be able to fairly compare prices if the dealers all sell different brands and models.   Please keep in mind that “apples to apples” is just a starting point- we build off of that by offering our expert advice on additional coverages.


For insurance purposes, we look at how much it would cost to rebuild your property in the event of a total loss.  Insurance companies want to know- “what would it cost to build a whole new home”?  This is called the replacement cost.  The amount you pay to purchase a property is called market value, and this could end up being more or less than the actual replacement cost of the property.

Once you secure coverage, our team will send you a welcome packet including instructions on setting up online accounts with your new carrier(s).  If you need a new copy of that packet just let us know!  If you have any issues with your online accounts its best to contact the carrier’s IT team directly.

Unlike other types of insurance, there is no “open enrollment” period for personal property, auto and umbrella policies.  In most cases you can make changes to your policy at any time.  Contact our service team to review the changes you’d like to make, and we can help you decide the best course of action.

We work closely with your mortgage company every step of the way.  We build relationships with them to ensure that all parties have everything needed to close on time.  Our onboarding managers speak directly with your loan officer- you don’t have to worry about coordinating it at all!

You will have several payment options available.  You can pay your premium bills directly but the most common choice is payment through your escrow account.  This is the account that you set up with your mortgage company- you make monthly payments and funds are used to pay your principal and interest, as well as property taxes and insurance.  If you select to pay this way, your carrier will send premium bills directly to your mortgage company.  If you ever get a direct bill, don’t ignore it!  Follow-up to make sure the mortgage company received it and paid it on your behalf.

EFT stands for electronic funds transfer (aka automatic withdraws).  Most likely you use it currently to pay other bills like cable or internet.  Once you set it up using your personal banking details, that EFT payment will be posted to your bank account annually, quarterly or monthly, depending on the frequency you choose.

If you get a letter from your mortgage company regarding your property insurance, please contact us.  We prefer you send us a copy of the letter.  If you ignore the letter it will affect the way your mortgage company receives information about your coverage status and about your policy renewal bills.  Remember that whole “escrow” thing- if the mortgage company doesn’t receive the renewal bill, your policy won’t be paid and it will go into cancel mode.  Not fun!  In short, send us the letter and we will communicate with your mortgage company to get them what they need.

There are many reasons why insurance policy rates can fluctuate and change- some of the most common reasons include big life changes and changes in risk (like adding a pool, getting a dog or buying a new car).  No matter how the rate changes, we have found that the best time to review it is 3-5 years after you switched carriers.  We are here to review your policy with you at any time.  Please give our service team a call today!

This is a great question and it varies slightly depending on the situation.  If you secure new coverage with us, we will review when and how to cancel your prior policy.  Otherwise, you can call our office directly to process any cancellations or discuss other coverage options.  If you are selling a property, please remember that your insurance coverage will not automatically end after the sale- you will still need to contact us to complete that cancelation.  

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