For October’s day of community service, the team was back at Philabundance working in the distribution and sorting center with two AMAZING partners, John DePaul of Loan Depot and Jared Bourjolly of Keller Williams Philly.
I was introduced to these fellas last year and we kicked it off. All three of us have similar business philosophies:

  • Do right by people even when it doesn’t serve our immediate best interest
  • Always play the long game. NO SHORTCUTS.

Our interest in always giving our all sure did show on the floor of the Philabundance distribution center. Jared, John, and I took the job a little too seriously and definitely caused a pace shift the other volunteers were not used to.
I guess if you’re going to give your time, you better leave it all on the field…or the assembly line.

Thank you so much to Jared and John for their time, and ENERGY, It’s been awesome getting to work with you guys, and looking forward to growing with you both!