Manna – June 2022

We had the opportunity to join forces with the Jim Roche Real Estate Team and the Mark Canale Lending Team for a day of service at one of our partner charitable organizations, MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance).

All three of our teams have been very active in the community and focused on making “giving back” a key component of what makes our individual teams special.

At Jefferson Ave, we have been consistently impressed with how many of the partners we do business with feel as strongly we as do about getting out into our area’s non-profits and doing the work needed to help our town flourish. We have also taken notice that the teams that focus on service and community involvement have attracted some of the top talent in the business. The correlation between community involvement and business success is no accident. We see it time and time again – that the people in this business that focus on giving more value than they receive will always win. JRRE and the Canale team are living proof of this and we are grateful for their time and partnership!