Jewish Relief Agency

For January’s day of community service, Jefferson Ave teamed up with long term friend and partner, Bob Saritsoglou of Movement Mortgage, to do a shift at the Jewish Relief Agency in Northeast Philly.

We couldn’t belief that this non-profit did not hit our radar sooner! The organization is efficient, effective, and purposeful in their approach, all traits we can really get behind and support. Our job was to box up donations and get the care packages prepped to be shipped out into the community.

This is Bob’s second time joining our team’s efforts and we are so grateful for his support. Bob’s business has been booming over the last few years, but his success has not affected his compassion and empathy for the people that need a helping hand. He is always asking about our charity efforts and encourages us to keep going in our mission to bridge the gap between the non-profit world, and the Real Estate community.

Bob: Thank you so much for your support and friendship brother! We are GRATEFUL!

Special shout out to our marketing team, LIB consulting, for joining in on the efforts as well! We are so appreciative for you guys for coming out to join us!