Jewish Relief Agency

Big Community Service Day at Jefferson Ave for Martin Luther King Day last month!
The team, along with some amazing partners in Real Estate, got hard to work at the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) in North East Philadelphia. The JRA was ROCKING for the MLK Holiday, their entire squad did an amazing job keeping all volunteers focused, working hard, and getting the job done! BRAVO to you guys!  

A few very important shout-outs are definitely needed:
– So grateful to Katie and The Modern Group for their time and efforts. It has been amazing to watch their success over the years. We are happy to see that giving back is still something they take very seriously as they reach new business heights.
– Mario Santiago and Meri Meri Weiss LaCerra from The Trifonas team at Movement Mortgage joined as well. This is our 4th community event together and they have been such dedicated volunteers for this project. We are so thankful to you both for your personal and professional relationship.
– Lastly, a HUGE shout out to Shawn O’Dowd Yocum of Annie Mac for coming out! Shawn and Jeff just met and spoke right before this event – We mentioned community service and she was in! She came dedicated and ready to take on the work needed at JRA! We loved meeting you Shawn and are excited to get to work with you more in 2023!