Friends of the Wissahickon

For May’s day of community service here at Jefferson Ave, we had the opportunity to have the ENTIRE Jesse Barnes squad out to help for a day of park clean up with the great people at Friends of Wissahickon (FOW), a nonprofit dedicated to keeping our parks clean and thriving here in Philadelphia.

During the pandemic, Jesse and I thought it would be an awesome idea to introduce our kids to community service and chose FOW as the perfect nonprofit to help with that introduction. We wanted to show them that nothing gets done in this world unless action is taken!

Fast forward to today, Jesse and I have decided to make this an annual event to get out and clean up our parks with our families. Our hope is that our kiddos will take these experiences and pay it forward to the next generation.

Love doing this with you, Jesse! Thank you to you, Mel, mom, and the kids for joining this year!!!! Great work!