Cradles to Crayons

Our team spent November’s day of community Service at Cradles to Crayons with some amazing partners, Ang Yannessa of Coldwell Banker and Matthew Bradey of Green Tree Mortgage. Cradles to Crayons is very strict about making sure that the quality of the clothing they provide the children they serve is of the utmost quality. They believe all children should look and feel great in the clothing they receive and we could not agree more! Our job was to first do a quality check of new clothing that was donated, and then to sort by Size, Gender, and Season. The work done by volunteers at Cradles to Crayons keeps the place humming and donations flowing in. It is great to watch non-profits excel the way Cradles to Crayons has over the last few years.

They understand the power of Volunteers and utilize our labor for a meaningful impact on their organization and the clients they serve. We can always tell if a potential partner will be a good fit by how they respond to our community service efforts. Matt and Ang were more were than happy to spend some time helping Philadelphia’s underserved. They understand the blessing it has been to be involved in our city’s Real Estate boom and they make sure to stay grounded and empathetic through it all. Matt and Ang have been great partners for us to work with and we are so grateful to have met them over this past year. Thank you so much to Matt and Ang! You guys are AWESOME!