Bucks County Housing Group

For December 2021, Day of community service, we linked up with our friends at The High Performance Real Estate Network, to give a helping hand to the Bucks County Housing Group (BCHG)!

This has turned into a yearly event for the HPRE squad during the holiday season, and the Jefferson Ave team is super happy to help support their efforts.

Considering the time of year, BCHG was flooded with a TON of donations this year and getting a grip of the intake, sorting, and distributing can be very challenging for this group. Our efforts really helped this team get a handle of the volume of donations, and we were all super grateful to BCHG for allowing us to help out.

Special shout out to Adam Boxman and Kerry Root for helping us get this group together for some really positive time spent.

If anyone wants to help BCHG with their mission, Please don’t hesitate to reach out. This work takes a ton of helping hands and the need is ALWAYS there.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”